Matt P


Hairball Symptoms Cat Lovers Must Know

14th November 2007
If you're a cat lover like me, few things are more important than the continued good health of your favorite tabby. It goes without saying that part of being a cat lover is accepting responsibility for your cat's health. That means finding and building a ... Read >

Seattle By No Means America's Rainiest City

18th June 2007
Seattle's popular standing as one of the country's rainiest cities isn't actually justified. With yearly rainfall of thirty-eight inches, the Emerald City actually lags forty-three American cities, including New York City, where forty-seven inches of rain... Read >

5 Affordable, Yet 'Cool' Cities to Live In

06th June 2007
Kiplingers Magazine recently put together a list of U.S. cities where one can find still find relatively cheap rents, but that are enjoyable to live in. While many young college graduates aim to launch their careers in huge metropolitan areas like San ... Read >